Sanja Buterin is born in Skopje, Macedonia 1 May 1984 and for the past few years lives in Lovran, Croatia.
Both cities with their special energies influenced on her variety of photography works "from the wild Balkans to the tranquil Adriatic"
For her photography means life and a great way to discover self and the world.
She took part in over 70 group international photography exhibitions in the past years in various cities around Europe, where she won several (golden,bronze and silver) medals.
Also, she was participant in the World FIAP biennial of Black and White photography in Slovakia and Spain, and International Photography Days in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Solo exhibitions

- Sisak, Croatia - Gallery Siscia Obscura
- Sofia, Bulgaria - Gallery Union of Bulgarian Artists
- Skopje, Macedonia -National Gallery Mala Stanica"
- Tinos, Greece - Tinos Museum of Photography
- Lovran, Croatia - Gallery Laurus


- Budapest, Hungary - Erdős Renée Ház